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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Setting your intention: a practical approach

Hag with a big bag of sh--

I used a little positive thinking to apply to my conundrum of the other day, and it worked.

See, I lost track of Maggie’s “output” again. The brown leaves of late autumn make that one special chore of responsible dog ownership a little tough.

With this light dusting of snow we got today, scooping the poop will be so much easier. I sound like a total lame-ass. Why do I like winter? “Well, there’s skiing and it’s easier to find and bag the dog shit.”

So, I made a point of looking for other shit and disposing of it in order to balance things out in the universe—that little bit.

Boy, did I find it. The first pile I happened upon looked like it was left by a small pony. Definitely not Maggie’s. She would have needed stitches.

After I set my intention to pick up shit wherever I found it, I found it in spades:
  • near the schoolyard
  • on the sidewalk with shoe treads squashed into it
  • bagged and hanging on a tree
  • at work (just kidding!)
But, luckily not on the bottom of my shoe. See, I find that lucky. It’s all about having the right aspirations.

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