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Friday, December 18, 2009

Moving beyond regret: "Gourmet" food and office visits

Maggie's recent dietary misadventure is a good example of how, in
life, suffering is inevitable, but misery is optional.

Her digestive tract is still pretty enflamed. At least,she keeps her food down now, but each meal is followed by a bout of gagging. Lovely.

But, she's never looked better. Look at her in that photo, showing off her now somewhat perceptible cheekbones after 48 hours on the supermodel diet. Although in her case it was paper towel that was (likely) consumed and not toilet paper and heroin. Careful, Maggie those bones could cut glass. Her coat is all soft and shiny now too. Bitch.

So, Maggie made a mistake (or ate a mistake). Who hasn't? But she's
still wagging that little Aussie butt of hers. For her there wasn't
exactly a fallout from this, more of a spray out, but she's not
suffering. Not her. She's moved on--right into my office, where:
  • I can feed her several home pre-cooked meals a day, along with a king's ransom worth of gut-soothing medication, and
  • She can be admired by all and sundry who stop by for a visit.
What's the lesson here? I guess that even if things seem to suck at
first, there can be an upside. Either that or Scott towels are yummy.

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