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Monday, December 14, 2009

Me soooo sorry

Maggie deeply regrets her lack of control around paper towel the other day. Doesn't she look contrite?

Here I am complaining about the cost, but she must have been deeply uncomfortable. She added much vegetation to her paper indulgence. Interestingly, her vegetation of choice was the dessicated mint plants growing in the backyard. How do I know this? Guess. Mint is an herb known for improving digestion. Didn't work though.

Maggie doesn't look like her bouncy self in this picture. In fact, she kinda looks like me when I eat the WHOLE bag of Doritos and then feel like I'm going to go into labour (which would be miraculous because I'm not pregnant. I just have a LOOOOOONG memory).

But my whiskers are much darker.

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